What to see in cebu philippines

What is Cebu Philippines known for?

The province of Cebu belongs to the Visayas region and features no less than 168 islands and islets. It should come as no surprise that Cebu is a prime beach vacation destination and most of the things to do gravitate around sun, sea, and sand.

What are the beautiful spots in Cebu?

We’ve listed the best places to visit in Cebu! Oslob. One of the best places to visit in Cebu is Oslob. Bantayan Island. One of the most beautiful North Cebu tourist spots is Bantayan Island. Malapascua Island. Kawasan Falls. Simala Shrine. Pescador Island . Sirao Flower Garden. Taboan Public Market.

Why is Cebu best to visit?

Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Dubbed as the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu has captured the attention of tourists from all over the world because of its unique combination of natural and man-made attractions . The province offers a wide array of activities for all types of travelers.

Is it safe in Cebu Philippines?

MUGGING RISK : MEDIUM. Despite the poverty in this city and the liberal gun laws, Cebu City is a relatively safe city by Western standards where violent crime towards foreigners is rare. Still, apply caution and avoid poorly lit and deserted areas.

What is the most dangerous city in the Philippines?

Quezon City

Is Cebu worth visiting?

Cebu is such a good place to visit and checking out a list of tourist destinations while or before you’re there is highly recommended. Traveling around Cebu is something you’ll never forget and you’ll be sure to discover new and amazing things that you’ve never experienced before. We hope you take a trip to Cebu soon!

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Where can I chill in Cebu?

The 15 Best Casual Places in Cebu City La Vie Parisienne. Gorordo Ave, Lahug, Cebu City , Cebu . Cebu I.T. Park. Salinas Dr, Lahug, Cebu City , Cebu . Politics [café + public house] Escario Central Mall (N Escario Street), Kamputhaw, Cebu . Bubble Bee Tea House. Bintana Coffee House. The Chillage. The Terraces. Starbucks.

Does Cebu have nice beaches?

One of the top destinations in the Philippines that has some of the most beautiful beaches is in Cebu . Fine, white sand and clear, blue waters are often the characteristics you’ll hear about the province after all. Find tours and activities in Cebu you can add to your travel itinerary.

What is the best area to stay in Cebu?

Cebu Neighbourhood Guide. Cebu’s 5 Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in. #1 Cebu City – Where to Stay in Cebu for Your First Time. #2 Malapascua – Where to Stay in Cebu on a Budget. #3 Mango Square – Where to Stay in Cebu for Nightlife. #4 Moalboal – Coolest Place to Stay in Cebu. #5 Lapu Lapu – Where to Stay in Cebu for Families.

Is Cebu better than Manila?

For those who move to Cebu City, quality of life is just as good or better than Manila and at cheaper cost of living as well. You get a population density in Cebu that is 16 times less than that of Manila . So, it is not as crowded and there aren’t as many large slums in Cebu either compared to Tondo in Manila .

Where can I sleep in Cebu?

Cebu City Hotels and Places to Stay Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. View Hotel. Mandarin Plaza Hotel. View Hotel. Cebu Northwinds Hotel. View Hotel. Mandaue Hotel- Cebu City. View Hotel. Radisson Blu Cebu . View Hotel. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu . View Hotel. Sampaguita Suites-Plaza Garcia. View Hotel. Montebello Villa Hotel. View Hotel.

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What is there to do in Cebu at night?

5 Top Places to go in Cebu at Night Place #1: TOPS. This is probably the most common place to think of when you’re in Cebu and it’s nighttime . Place #2: Mango Avenue. Probably considered as one of the most known streets in Cebu , and now, as one of the most ‘alive’ areas as well. Place #3: Dolce Cafe Belle Fleur. Place #4: IT Park. Place #5: 22nd Street.

Is Cebu safe than Manila?

Cebu is no less or more safe than Manila or a lot of other destinations around the world. If you are staying at Cebu City, avoid the Colon area/downtown area/close to the wharfs. It can be a bit unsafe at night.

What places to avoid in the Philippines?

The following locations carry a higher risk of kidnapping and should be avoided: Sarangani Province. North Cotabato Province. South Cotabato Province. General Santos City. Sultan Kudarat Province. Lanao del Sur Province. Lanao del Norte Province. Iligan City.

Is it safe to walk around Cebu at night?

In highly populated commercial areas such as that in Cebu Asiatown IT Park or the Cebu Business Park vicinity, it’s pretty safe walking there any time of the night since there are call center employees & general night shift employees going around all day & night .

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