How to send load to philippines

How can I send load from Oman to Philippines?

To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps: Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011) Select the amount that you would like to transfer . An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.

How do you send a load?

Two Ways to Send Load via Pasaload Text Recipient’s Number (space) Amount to 808. (Ex. You will receive a text message requiring your confirmation. Reply with YES to proceed or NO to cancel. You and your recipient will receive a text notification after successful Pasaload transaction. Amount sent + P1 will be deducted from or charged to your account.

How do you reload someone in the Philippines?

How does it work? Choose the service you want to use, in this case, ‘Airtime’ Enter the number and network of the phone you want to recharge. Pay for the airtime online. You and the person you’re sending to will receive SMS notifications once the airtime credit has been added.

How can I buy online load in Philippines?

How do I buy load online using Coins. ph ? You can buy load online through the Coins. ph web wallet or the Android and iOS apps. Here’s how to buy load : Step 1: Tap the “ Buy Load ” icon. Step 2: Enter your mobile number. Step 3: Enter the amount you’d like to load , or choose from the denominations below. Step 4: Slide to pay.

How can I send smart load to Philippines?

To share the load with other Smart numbers, use the code “Pasaload”. Simply send a text message to 808 with the Smart number and the amount you wish to share. Separate the number and the amount with a blank space.

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How can I transfer credit from Batelco to Philippines?

Simply, send from your mobile “T” followed by the amount in BD and then followed by the SimSim number to 4554.

How much can I share a load in Globe?

If you’re on Globe Prepaid or TM, you are allowed to send a maximum of 5 transactions per day, maximum of P150 per transaction. If you’re on Postpaid, you will be subject to a default credit limit of P500 regardless of Plan subscribed to.

Where do I send Pasaload globe?

How to share load: Share-A-Load with PIN. Type in amountPIN and send to 2+10-digit Prepaid number of recipient. Example: 100 1212, then send to 29161234567. Share-A-Load without PIN. Type in amount and send to 2+10-digit Prepaid number of recipient. Example: 100, then send to 29161234567.

Can smart Pasaload globe?

Well, do we have the step on how to Pasaload Globe using Smart ? At this time, there is no simple way of sharing load, text, or data from the two networks. However, you could decide to transfer the credit to another Smart subscriber, who would pay you, you can use the cash to load your Globe SIM card.

Can I send mobile phone to Philippines?

Sending a cell phone to the Philippines requires the use of an international courier. Since a cell phone is an electronic device , you must pay the Philippines ‘ Bureau of Customs the appropriate duties and taxes.

How much is unlimited data in the Philippines?

GoSAKTO Offer 999 from Globe For those who prefer data availability, they can avail of “ unlimited ” browsing instead. Globe’s GoSAKTO offer allows you to enjoy unlimited browsing for the whole month for Php 999.

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How do I reload my phone?

How to reload phones Select ‘ Reload ‘ Choose your recipient’s country. Enter the phone number. Pick a reload amount. Choose to pay with a bank account, debit card, or credit card. Press ‘Authorize’ and you’re done.

How can I buy load in BDO?

You must first enroll your prepaid mobile number in BDO Online Banking. To enroll, login to BDO Internet Banking, click Enrollment Services > Prepaid Mobile Number > Enroll. Fill-out the information needed then click Submit. You may immediately reload the prepaid mobile number immediately after successful enrollment.

How can I transfer globe load to PH?

To register a PIN, type REG <4-character PIN> <4-10-character PIN clue> and send it to 2916. (Example: REG 0214 Valentines send to 2916) You will be charged 1 peso for this transaction. 3 Ways to Share-a – Load with Globe Share-a – Load through SMS. With PIN. Share-a – Load through USSD code menu. Send Globe load Using Coins . ph .

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