Oriental mindoro map

Is Oriental Mindoro part of Luzon? Oriental Mindoro (Tagalog: Silangang Mindoro : Ilocano: Amianan nga Mindoro ; Hiligaynon: Sidlanganong Mindoro ; Spanish: Mindoro Oriental ) is a province in the Philippines located on the island of Mindoro under Mimaropa region in Luzon , about 140 kilometres (87 mi) southwest of Manila. Is Mindoro part of […]

Mindoro philippines map

Where is Mindoro located in the Philippines? Mindoro is the seventh largest island in the Philippines by land area with a total of 10,571 km2 ( 4,082 sq. mi ) and with a total population of 1,331,473 as of 2015. It is located off the southwestern coast of Luzon and northeast of Palawan. Is Mindoro […]