Chocolates hills in bohol

What can you say about Bohol Chocolate Hills?

It is called the Chocolate Hills not because it’s made of chocolate but because of its color. In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills gives them a soft and lush appearance. While in the summer, the vegetation dies off and turns to a chocolatey brown hue, giving them their name.

Where are the Chocolate Hills in Bohol?

Location. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol are spread over an area covering the towns of Sagbayan, Batuan, Carmen, Bilar, Sierra Bullones and Valencia . Most of the hills though are found in Sagbayan, Batuan and Carmen, the later having the most uniform cone-shaped hills.

How many chocolate hills are there in Bohol?

There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, hence the name. The Chocolate Hills is a famous tourist attraction of Bohol.

What does local legend say the Chocolate Hills are?

One of the more popular local legends is that long ago, two giants fought for days, hurling earth and stones at one another, until they fell exhausted, friends once more, into each other’s arms. died, the giant wept, his great teardrops turning into the Chocolate Hills .

Why should we visit Chocolate Hills?

The majestic Chocolate Hills is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist attractions and is the top destination for Bohol tours . It got its name from its strange yet unique formation and rich vegetation that turns into chocolate brown during the dry months, hence, the name.

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How many steps are there in Chocolate Hills?

214 steps

Are the Chocolate Hills worth it?

While Chocolate Hills is a big tourist pull on Bohol, and worth seeing, I’ll let you all into a secret – there’s plenty of other, even better tourist activities on Bohol and neighbouring Panglao island (reached by boat). But still, as a traveller this was well worth the trip.

What can you do in Chocolate Hills?

Participants are required to wear safety harness and equipments. “The Rush” Bike Zipline. “The Wave Runner” Surf Zipline. Tree Top Rope Challenges. Decagon Tree Top Rope Challenge. Gymnaskids. “Ang Paru-Paro” Butterfly Garden. Chicken & Fish Feeding. Mountain Biking / Horseback Riding.

How can we protect Chocolate Hills?

Another incredible attraction in this province is the Chocolate Hills . What Can You Do To Help Preserve the Natural Beauty of Bohol? Manage Litter Properly. Respect the Wildlife. Help Protect the Corals. Avoid smoking on the beach.

How far is Panglao to Chocolate Hills?

60 km

How much is island hopping in Bohol?

Costs are approximately PHP 1,405 per pax (~S$35) for two persons, PHP 1,105 per pax (~S$28) for 3 persons and PHP 955 per pax (~S$24) for four persons. However, if you book through your hotel, the costs are likely to be cheaper and you don’t have to haggle with the boatmen for lower prices .

Why is it called chocolate?

The word chocolate can be traced back to the Aztec word “xocoatl,” the name for a bitter drink made from cacao beans. This was the way chocolate was consumed until the Spanish conquistadors came to Central America.

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How many mountains are in Chocolate Hills?


How tall are the Chocolate Hills?

120 m

Where is Bohol situated?

Central Visayas region

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